Making Changes – How to Become a Fulfilled Landlord

Landlords should expect the upmost quality and professionalism in terms of the services provided from their letting agency. There should be no gaps in the system, in which compliance certification, tenant referencing and administration has been handled efficiently and effectively. Ensuring your property is being let legally, and with genuine and trustworthy tenants, is so important in maintaining years of profitable and hassle free letting. Read on to find out exactly what services Landlords should receive from their agency.

First and foremost, the relationship between Landlord and agency should not only be stress free, but one of honesty and consistent support. Your letting agency should respond to any questions and queries promptly, and to a standard which deals with your concerns as opposed to downsizing their importance. Landlords should feel comforted by the knowledgeability of their letting agency and their ability to carry out legal processes, alongside offer you additional services or advice if need be. Vitally, they should be able find suitable tenants who are going to demonstrate the respect you deserve regarding your investment.

There are several factors required in order to become legally compliant within the realm of letting. One of these factors regards safety certificates for energy, including gas and electricity. Houses with multiple occupants above a commercial building will need a HMO licence, and all houses will need to be fitted with fire safety tags and carbon monoxide alarms. For fully managed Landlords, your letting agency will need to have the capability to either deal with these essential requirements on your behalf, or, for self-managing, support you with the process and prompt and advise whenever certification is lacking or out of date. 

Of course, tenant referencing and vital documentation, such as tenancy agreements, are another crucial area your letting agency should handle with a thorough and careful approach. Can prospective tenants afford the rental asking price? Are they employed on a full-time capacity? Have they rented before, were deductions made from the deposit? There should be no gaps in your knowledge about reliability of the tenants residing in your property. Landlords should be provided with the relevant information in order to confidently sign any agreement made between both parties.

It’s key to note, many letting agencies may not supply the quantity or high standard of services in comparison to others. Landlords who feel unhappy with the current management of their property may feel the need to make the required transfer onto an agency who can support them entirely. As highlighted in previous blogs, here at Parks we are keen to support Landlords in any way possible, including those who may presently feel unfulfilled. In this circumstance, we can offer one of our acclaimed services being The Tenancy Transfer Service. This highly useful package intends to eliminate hassle, condense portfolios and address all things compliance and administrative based on our Landlords behalf to a level of elevated quality and excellence. 

From a Parks management point of view, Landlords should expect free market appraisals, legally sound paperwork, maintenance and refurbishment services and a specialized agency with quality customer service. All factors in which a dedicated corporation such as Parks is able to account for. Using the Tenancy Transfer Service, Landlords can transfer existing tenancies into Parks Portfolio Management. While the transfer can be carried out for self-managing Landlords, the service also applies to properties currently held by other agencies too. Over the course of just two to three weeks, Parks will ensure the property is equipped with the correct and up to date compliance certification, including prescribed information and all relevant documentation. Of course, any compliance details left missing by other agencies will be efficiently addressed and rectified, thus ensuring that properties meet the appropriate legal standard ready for years of ongoing successful management.

As mentioned, another one of the main benefits of the Tenancy Transfer Service is the ability to condense portfolios down into one manageable body. Landlords who own multiple properties may self-manage some, while having others be part or fully managed by various agencies across the city. It’s challenging and time consuming to recall exactly who deals with which, and what number to call when something urgently needs addressing. Transferring your investments into one unified organization with the ability to conduct appraisals, rectify documentation, professionally reference and handle all maintenance matters is certainly an easier route to take. Not to mention, Parks will handle the transfer in line with the rent due date to ensure there are no obstacles standing between Landlords and their rental income. 

Here at Parks, our friendly and professional team are waiting to take your call if this service is something that interests you. You can reach us on 01273 202089 between the hours of 9-5.30 Monday to Friday, and 9-1.30 on Saturdays. Alternatively, we can be reached via email; to communicate with our letting director Antony please use We look forward to hearing from you soon.

By Parks Letting | 14 June 2021

As new landlords last year, my husband and I were recommended to Parks through the sole estate agent we use. We have had nothing but a positive experience in that time. Antony the Letting Director has always been on hand to investigate, inform and advise. He has happily come along to view properties we were interested in and pass opinion accordingly. None of our requests have been dismissed and nothing has been too much trouble. Communication is efficient and legal and procedural knowledge and policy has been tip-top. The lettings management team has always been quick to respond and as a result, our tenants seem happy too, which is also important.

Mrs Constantinou, Landlord, 2018

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