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Strategic marketing is one of the most effective ways for Landlords to generate mass interest in their properties. Why? Because marketing is all about exposure.

All marketing packages are offered to our clients at no additional cost. Read on to find out how Parks can quickly, and successfully match quality tenants to your property.

Video Production

What better way is there to visually represent your property other than a short contemporary video? At Parks, our marketing team understand the importance of visual representation and the benefits this generates for our Landlords. Property videos produce significantly higher enquiry levels and consequently helps to support achieving that maximum value for rent.

Viewers, who are often time-urgent working professionals, don’t want to have their time wasted with lengthy descriptions and second guessing. Allowing applicants the opportunity to walk through their potential home eliminates light-hearted responses, thus quickly finding those genuine and serious applicants.

Floor Plans

Another vital element of the marketing process is our property floorplans. Floorplans allow Landlords the opportunity to showcase the size and proportions of their property. As a result, applicants can then recognise exactly how they should geographically visualise their new home, and what’s more, help fill in any of those nitty gritty missing particulars.

At Parks, we know that applicants want to ensure their king-size mattress will fit in the master bedroom, or whether their work-from-home desk will slot nicely into the study. The biggest strength of these plans is that they supply the answers without even needing to ask the question.

Property Photography

Last, but certainly not least, is property photography.

Photographs are statistically the first thing applicants will look at with regards to their new property, so we can conclude this area is a crucial element of the marketing process.

This is the first opportunity Landlords have to show off what is on offer for applicants, so professionalism and visually stimulating images are a must.

Using our high-tech equipment, the marketing team at Parks always ensure properties are represented in the best light creating that initial wow factor that draws applicants in.

External shots are always an added bonus, especially when showcasing that magical feel of Brighton city in the sunshine.

At Parks, we know that marketing your property is powerful in so many ways. Not only eliminating the often-off-putting extra effort and visually filling in the blanks, but also providing Landlords with real applicants with genuine interest. This is, of course, because there’s no room for uncertainty or second guessing – applicants know what they want because they’ve already seen it via a contemporary video, professional photography and detailed floor plans.

What’s more, showcasing your property generates nothing other than mass exposure to the right people greatly cutting down the gap between tenancies, meaning: the money is in our Landlords bank account that much quicker.

All in all, we are very pleased with the professional service we have received to date. I only wish I had met more agents like this when I was a tenant for 21 years.

Mrs Constantinou, Landlord, 2018

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