The Importance of Quality Marketing

Consider one of the following three scenarios: Soon due to relocate, you’re a working professional who goes way beyond the contracted 9-5. Eight hours sleep is a myth, and the evenings you should spend relaxing are often interrupted by late night phone calls from your boss. Scenario 2. You’re the parent of two young children, TWINS in fact. You’ve finally run out of ways to tell them the kitchen is not the best place to cartwheel, and once you have your garden, things will be different. Scenario three. It’s half past ten on a Friday night. Your conference call ran over by three hours and your Landlord needs you out of your rental by Sunday. Ouch. 

Three different scenarios, all with one thing in common: they’re looking to rent a new property.

Let us decide who, out of these three walks of life, would rather spend time reading through a lengthy property description relying on their imagination alone to fill in the blanks, or, alternatively, have efficient access to a visual representation of their prospective home? It’s hard to imagine our workaholic would opt for the added assignment, or our young parent guess if this potential new home would be safe for their children. Between conference calls and time pressing situations, we can assume our final participant would want the same.

At Parks, we know that marketing your property is powerful in so many ways. Not only eliminating the often-off-putting extra effort and visually filling in the blanks, but also providing Landlords with real applicants with genuine interest. This is, of course, because there’s no room for uncertainty or second guessing – applicants know what they want because they’ve already seen it via a contemporary video, professional photography and detailed floor plans.

What’s more, showcasing your property generates nothing other than mass exposure to the right people greatly cutting down the gap between tenancies, meaning: the money is in our Landlords bank account that much quicker.

To find out exactly what Parks offer our Landlords FOR FREE visit our website: Property marketing in Brighton and Hove | Parks Letting

By Parks Letting | 22 April 2021

I have used Parks as my main letting agent for over 10 years and always found them to be very professional in all regards, honest in their dealings and interested in my business of multiple lettings.

Landlord, 2018

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