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When it comes to property marketing, the way you present your property online has a huge impact. The correct marketing will allow you to find the right tenants quickly and avoid any potentially costly void periods.

Where should you advertise your property?

Gone are the days when people would search for their next rental by trawling through the local newspapers and looking through high street agents’ windows. Almost everyone looking for a property go straight to their search browser to instantly see results. For this reason we list our properties on Rightmove, Zoopla and On the Market to put your property in front of the right audience.

The stats:

  1. Rightmove: Current market leader, and achieves over 132 million visits per month [1]
  2. Zoopla: Achieves 55 million visits per month and utilises many partner sites to maximise exposure [2]
  3. On the Market: Achieves 27 million visits per month and and online agents are not permitted to use it

55% of Landlords said quality of photos is most important factor for marketing their property[3]

First impressions count, and photographs are the first thing that a listing is judged on so it’s important that they are of high quality, clear, the correct size and taken from the correct angle. We’ve all seen those listings with a few blurry photos taken on a phone camera and just swiped right past them.

Never list a property with less than 5 photos as this doesn’t allow applicants to see the whole property. If there’s no picture of a room people will assume the worst.

Professional photography, editing and lighting equipment are essential. A professional camera with the correct lens allows you to see the whole room in one photo; giving an accurate representation of layout and space. Not using professional photography runs the risk of making your property look disproportionate, dark and small.

Size of photo is important too, Rightmove recommends photos to be no smaller than 1024px by 683px so they’re not blurry. It’s also important to keep all photos the same size to ensure consistency when flicking through the advertisement. If photos are jumping in shape and size this’ll distract the viewer from the main attraction, your property.

flat with terraced garden
Bright bedroom in terraced house
furnished dinning room with side board and large bay window

62% of Landlords think floorplans are essential for letting their home[4]

A lot of agents underestimate the power of a floorplan. We know they are a crucial tool for tenants to visualise space and layout. From our experience, we’ve seen many good applicants will instantly rule out a property for not having a floorplan.

Floorplans should provide information about room size, layout, key features, appliances and proximity of one room to another. This allows an applicant to visualise their life and their belongings in your property.

Capture Attention with Summary Descriptions

In a summary description: EVERY. WORD. COUNTS! You have 300 characters to attract attention and showcase the key features of a property. Avoid wasting space with generic adjectives such as perfect, attractive or charming.

The use of CAPITALS can really highlight the KEY FEATURES of a property. HOWEVER, USE them SPARINGLY as TOO MANY in a sentence becomes AWKWARD TO READ.

A well written description can be the difference between a potential applicant picking up the phone or moving on with their search. It is useful to highlight the benefits of the property, not just the features to help people form a mental image.

For example rather than “there is a garden” a benefit driven approach would say “enjoy al fresco dining with friends in the south-facing garden”.

How we can help you…

With extensive copywriting, floorplan, photography and editing training, our marketing team will always present your property in the best way. This will generate the interest your property deserves from the start and will find you good tenants quickly and avoid any costly void periods.

Having a professional marketing team based in-house sets us apart from our competitors as it means we can go from initial property visit to posting an extensive professional advertisement online in a matter of hours.

Contact us now to get your property professionally advertised today. 01273 202089 | info@parksletting.com

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By Parks Letting | 10 February 2020

All in all, we are very pleased with the professional service we have received to date. I only wish I had met more agents like this when I was a tenant for 21 years.

Mrs Constantinou, Landlord, 2018

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