Local Vs Corporate – Spot the (Many) Difference(s)

Walking through busy food markets in central London, you’ll find hundreds of stalls grafting hard for their customers attention. Above the stalls, often, advertisements include phrases such as ‘homemade’, ‘freshly prepared’ or ‘local goods’ enticing hungry onlookers to choose them above the rest. Once a decision has been made, we get to enjoy watching the chef create the final product right before our eyes, allowing for personalised adjustments to be made to the order along the way.

To continue with the theme of food, one of the finer and more memorable dining out experiences is often recounted as physically being able to see the chefs work their magic whilst waiting at your table. Not to mention, the idea of a mother baking fresh cookies in the kitchen, adding elements of her secret recipe, is so much more appealing than the packet brought variety from the local supermarket. The point is, as humans, we are drawn to unique experiences.

Of course, it doesn’t start and finish with food, in which the attraction of uniqueness is everywhere – even from a letting’s perspective. Local letting agents have, arguably, superior foundations in comparison to corporate organisations due to the following three reasons;

  1. Expertise on local knowledge
  2. Ideal office location(s)
  3. Devoted staff members

Anyone looking to rent out their property, or move to a new city, benefits hugely from a discussion with a local letting expert who knows the city personally. Even long-term Landlords who are accustomed to the city, or current residents moving around familiar territory, still benefit massively from specialists who can voice their insights and recommendations. For example, buy to let Landlords profit from first-hand guidance on market trends and the growing rental value of their property. From a tenant perspective, working professionals commuting into London will need knowledge on the best public transport links, and family occupants will want advice on the whereabouts of local schools. Conversations such as these are so much easier with the aid of a local agency who, over time, has watched their organisation grow and develop right alongside the city it belongs to.

Office location also plays an integral role as one of the benefits of a local agency. Local agencies tend to be central and easily accessible. Park’s letting, for example, is based right next to Brighton’s main train station and is ideal for those who may be travelling across the country or frequently visiting the city. An easily accessible agency does wonders for in person communication, allowing for a straightforward approach to dealing with any questions or queries under one unified roof. Additionally, it helps with the ever-important legal checks, such as a tenant ‘right to rent’ check, in which agents must see new applicants in person with their passport before any tenancy can begin. For Landlords, knowing your agency is in close range and readily available for your needs, ultimately eliminates any unnecessary stresses when letting out your property.

Finally, we come to perhaps the most wholesome factor when considering the usefulness of local letting agencies; the staff members themselves. Local agencies come equipped with not only a team of hardworking professionals, but staff who are equally devoted to the process through genuine love for the city/your home. Agencies as such are often made up of local residents themselves and consequently come with a fountain of knowledge of the area and true passion for people. This is much like the team here at Parks, who are always willing to go the extra mile for both our Landlords and tenants.

If you have any questions, queries or want more information of what we can do for you here at Parks, our friendly and professional team are waiting to take your call. You can reach us on 01273 202089 between the hours of 9-5.30 Monday to Friday, and 9-1.30 on Saturdays. Alternatively, we can be reached via email; to communicate with our letting director Antony please use antony.rummins@parksletting.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

By Parks Letting | 20 October 2021

As new landlords last year, my husband and I were recommended to Parks through the sole estate agent we use. We have had nothing but a positive experience in that time. Antony the Letting Director has always been on hand to investigate, inform and advise. He has happily come along to view properties we were interested in and pass opinion accordingly. None of our requests have been dismissed and nothing has been too much trouble. Communication is efficient and legal and procedural knowledge and policy has been tip-top. The lettings management team has always been quick to respond and as a result, our tenants seem happy too, which is also important.

Mrs Constantinou, Landlord, 2018

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