Holiday Let vs Long Let

Like most things, holiday let’s have their pros and cons. From a holiday marker’s perspective, they’re often reasonably priced, efficient for short term accommodation and are bound by minimal contractual requirements. Yet, for a Landlord, this particular route poses potential setbacks concerning quieter winter months, decreased financial advantages and the introduction of unidentified individuals into your home. 

Reading through some articles of negative holiday let experiences online is a great way to spend twenty minutes – that is, if you enjoy a bit of a shock. While we’d like to assume that the majority of the time these short-term breaks are a success, the very real threat of limited interest during rainy seasons, alongside limited to no property protection loiters around this contemporary course of hosting.

It’s fair to highlight the majority of our weekend plans tend to take shape in line with the weather. It goes without saying, our holiday breaks follow suit, with google weather apps being checked frequently to ensure beach days or garden parties aren’t going to be ruined with a torrential downpour. Holiday seekers are far less likely to opt for a Brighton city break when the wind is howling across the coast – leaving short term hosts with increasingly vacant properties, and ultimately less out of pocket.

As mentioned, there are many stories online of ‘holiday let gone wrong’ in which we’d very much like to believe are few and far between. That being said, this does not eliminate the reality of inadequate property (and individual) protection during such transactions, however infrequent they may be. Short term hosts who remain in the property during their customers stay often express a sense of relief when meeting for the first time. This, brings firmly to light, how inviting unknowns into your home can be a somewhat daunting experience.

An alternative option for Landlords is, of course, the route of long-term letting. Primarily, this preference facilitates the eradication of financial pitfalls during winter. Holiday maker’s (now tenants) will sign a contract agreeing to inhabit the property for a set amount of time covering financially uncertain months. This allows Landlords peace of mind throughout the entirety of the year, no matter whether the sun shines or not. Moreover, if carried out by a letting agency such as Parks, tenants will have been carefully and thoroughly referenced guaranteeing only quality applicants will be residing in your investment. Thus, protection remains for the Landlord, customer and the property itself for however long the Landlord sees fit.

For any questions or queries regarding the benefits of letting, or for anything else, our professional team of letting experts are ready to help you on 01273 202089. To speak with out letting director, please email Antony Rummins at We look forward to hearing from you soon.

By Parks Letting | 29 July 2021

I am a landlord & have used Parks for 20+ years. I have found Graham Jasper and his staff have always been professional and most helpful and would recommend Parks to any landlord wishing to rent their property. Antony Rummins has always found tenants for my properties every year - without fail.

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